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VIP Members Club

Discover the world of Ox&Klee in our VIP MEMBERS CLUB. With the exclusive VIP MEMBERS CLUB card – the perfect gift idea for your loved ones and of course yourself! This card not only offers a luxurious presentation in high-quality packaging, but also a wealth of exclusive benefits that you can enjoy all year round. Whether for Christmas, a birthday or simply as a token of appreciation – the Ox&Klee VIP MEMBERS CLUB card is the ideal gift for gourmets and gourmet lovers. Become part of the Ox&Klee community and look forward to unforgettable moments in the coming year.

The advantages of our Members VIP card at a glance:

The membership number of your VIP MEMBERS CLUB card is also a voucher code. Immediately after your purchase, you will be credited with a voucher worth €100, which you can redeem in our restaurant.

Our members receive direct contact with our operations manager Yuriy Apelyushynskyy via an exclusive WhatsApp number. If you have any questions or special requests, we will take care of them immediately.

Unlike other guests, you can reserve tables all year round instead of just 3 months in advance.

For our VIP MEMBERS, one of our 13 tables is always kept free for short-term table bookings. The rule here is: first come, first serve! This VIP MEMBERS table can only be booked directly and personally via Yuriy Apelyushynskyy (WhatsApp or by phone) – but on the same day of the desired booking until 4 pm.

When you visit the Ox&Klee, you will receive 2 glasses of our homemade aperitif or 2 glasses of champagne once a year – a delicious start to your culinary experience.

On one day of your booking (once a year) we serve you an exquisite cake from our pastry chef.

Each card contains a signed autograph card from our renowned chef Daniel Gottschlich.

Our VIP newsletter gives you exclusive access to special parties and events at Ox&Klee.

Receive early information about upcoming special events and exclusive offers so that you always have the opportunity to plan your culinary adventures.

The Ox&Klee Members VIP Card not only offers a year full of unforgettable culinary experiences, but also the certainty of being part of an exclusive community of gourmets. Give yourself or your loved ones this card as a gift and immerse yourself in the world of indulgence at Ox&Klee. Treat yourself to the best – you deserve it!

Order your Ox&Klee Members VIP card today and experience unforgettable culinary adventures!

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