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To strengthen our team, we are looking for a team player in the position of CHEF DE RANG (M/F/D).


„We want food to be an experience for our guests“

This claim has made the kitchen and service in the Ox & Klee prescribed. Here we like to go new ways.

Our kitchen stands for new ideas that should not be complicated but should be easily accessible to the guest. We also think that food should fill you up but not full. That’s why we cook low in carbohydrates. Our dishes include lots of vegetables, meat from a species-appropriate attitude and fish and seafood from controlled catch.

The experience at Ox & Klee does not just take place on the plate. Located in the middle of the three crane houses, the Ox & amp; Klee’s interior design reflects the modern architecture of Cologne’s new landmarks. The view of the marina gives rise to an unfamiliar holiday mood in the middle of the cathedral city.

Our service team led by restaurant manager Robby Jung is pleased to be professional, yet informal and easy-going, to make sure that you can fully enjoy the experience of eating at the Ox & Klee.

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True to our motto „Experience Taste!“ we invite you on a culinary journey of discovery. Let yourself be surprised!

Daniel Gottschlich & Erik Schmitz


In the Ox & Klee we daily offer our „Experience Taste“ menu. In each course we take you on a surprise journey through six taste senses.

Before the menu, we will tune you in with that and complete the taste experience after the menu. From salty to bitter, the journey continues. Let yourself be surprised!

We are happy to offer you a suitable wine or non-alcoholic beverage accompaniment to the menus. Our sommelier team Yuriy Apelyushynskyy and Lucas Wenzl will be pleased to be at your service.

Experience Taste Menu

Embark on a journey of discovery with our surprise menu. As the name implies, you gain taste experience. As with any journey of discovery, what is to be discovered is not known beforehand. The individual dishes you find out only at the table.

Of course we gladly consider your wishes regarding incompatibilities or „I do not like it so much“ to the completely vegetarian or vegan menu. Just let us know when ordering. From Tuesday until Thursday you can also choose the small variant of our taste journey (six instead of eight courses). We will take care of everything else. During the menu, our service team will explain the individual dishes to you. For more tricky questions, the chefs are at your disposal at the table as well.

*only Tue-Thu


Extend your menu with another enjoyable experience: our accompanying drinks and wines. For each course, our team elaborates a sophisticated beverage accompaniment – tailored to the flavors of the dishes. You have the choice between our wine accompaniment and our specially created alcohol-free beverage accompaniment.

Wine Accompaniment (0,1 l/ Gang)

carefully selected by our sommelier team Yuriy Apelyushynskyy and Lucas Wenzl


Non-Alcoholic Accompaniment (0,1 l/ Gang)

specially created and homemade from fresh ingredients

*only Tue-Thu

Dom Pérignon Chefs Table

„One of the best chefs tables in Europe“
Der Feinschmecker: Ausgabe: 01/17

As a group of up to 10 people, Daniel Gottschlich and Erik Schmitz welcome you to our Chefs Table. From there you have a wonderful view of the Rheinauhafen and direct insight into the kitchen through a panoramic window. Watch the chefs at work!

Just send us your personal inquiry by mail! We are happy to make you an individual offer for your experience at the Chefs Table.

Dom Pérignon
Book your Event now! +49 221 16956603 (Tue-Sat from 3pm)


The Ox & Klee as a place for your celebration

For organizing your corporate or private celebration, you can choose between different rooms in the Ox & Klee. In the main room overlooking the marina and cathedral we can provide a seating for up to 50 people.

In addition, we offer an area in our guest room with about 15 seats and our exclusive Dom Pérignon Chefs Table with view into the kitchen for up to 10 people.

Our Restaurant Manager Robby Jung will be glad to help you with the planning and will be happy to receive your email at


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Enter the address „Im Zollhafen 18, 50678 Köln“ into your navigation system. To get to the underground car park please follow the signs to „Parkhaus Rheinauhafen“. In the carpark please drive in the direction „Kranhäuser/ Museen“. Park at the car park numbers 2086-2105 or opposite at 2130-2147, which are in the blue area. Via the staircase 2.04 it is only a few meters to the Ox & amp; Klee. Watch Directions Video


Restaurant Ox & Klee
Kranhaus 1 – Mittleres Kranhaus
Im Zollhafen 18, 50678 Köln
+49 221 / 169 566 03 (Tue – Sat 3pm – 7pm)

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Business hours

Tue – Sat: 7pm – 1am
Sunday and Monday are rest days.

We are open on some public holidays. Please note the information on our website. About special opening times, such as events or public holidays, we also inform in our newsletter.