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FAQ – Information about the Ox&Klee

How do I get to the “Ox&Klee”?

The “Ox&Klee” is very easy to reach from all directions. The main train station is about 15 minutes away on foot. Bus and train stations are also close by. Of course we also offer a shuttle service. Our manager Yuriy will be happy to advise you and organize a ride from the airport to the restaurant, for example, or you can be picked up directly from home.

Is there a pick-up service?

Here we work with a selected partner company with attractive limousines (e.g. Mercedes E-Class).

Where are the parking spaces?

The parking spaces are directly under the “Ox&Klee”. Simply enter the underground car park “Rheinauhafen”, which can be reached via various entrances on Bayenstraße. Then please drive through to the blue area and park at 2.03. Then take the stairs directly to the entrance of the “Ox&Klee”.

Is there a dress code?

No, there is no dress code. It is important to us that everyone can come as they wish. We don’t care how you dress. Everyone is welcome here.

What about the wine accompaniment?

Is the wine accompaniment “Alpha-Omega” included in the ticket price for a table?
The wine accompaniment is not included in the price. We have put a lot of thought into creating a personalized wine tour for you. Here is a brief description of what you can expect: The wine accompaniment “Alpha – Omega” also accompanies the menu with a common thread: The wines we serve with each act of the Experience Taste menu have been chosen for their appropriate geographical as well as flavor roots. A journey through the history of fermented grapes from the beginnings of their history to the present day. The wine accompaniment costs 130 € per person. (For 10 acts 80 € p.p.)

What if I don’t drink alcohol?

We have created a great non-alcoholic wine accompaniment. So you don’t have to stick to just water. The non-alcoholic beverage accompaniment features a wide variety of ingredients such as freshly squeezed vegetable juices, nonalcoholic martini as well as Versus often paired with herbs or spices. Each beverage is matched to each individual act, just as with a wine accompaniment, and creates an exuberant mood even without alcohol. The anti-alcoholic beverage accompaniment costs €80 per person. (For 10 acts 40 €)

What if I have an allergy or food intolerance?

In case of allergy or food intolerance we ask you to simply contact us directly. Our operations manager Yuriy is available to answer any questions you may have. We will try to find a solution for you in close consultation with the kitchen.
Tel.: 0163/8528455
E-mail: yuriy@oxundklee.de

Is there a menu card?

There is no classic menu card as you know it from other restaurants. Everything should be a surprise for the palate. For us, this is the secret to our success. We have been offering our surprise menu for 8 years now and we always notice how much the pleasure can be increased when you don’t know what to expect during such a culinary experience.

Are there only vegetarian acts in the “Klee” menu?

There are only vegetarian dishes in the “Klee” menu.

Is there also a vegan alternative to the menu “Klee”?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer vegan alternatives for technical reasons.

How do the prices in the “Ox&Klee” come about?

A catering business on the standard like the “Ox&Klee” works only with the highest staff and the best products. Only in this way we manage to make your stay in our exclusively designed premises a great experience. The effort we gladly make possible has its price – just like our menu. Unlike many similar restaurants, we are not supported by a large corporation, but have to work profitably to secure jobs and pay rents. In general, it is always our ambition not only to maintain the business, but to constantly develop it.

Do I have to pay a deposit in advance or can I pay on the spot?

The deposit serves on the one hand to save your place in our restaurant. On the other hand it also offers us the security that we can assume that you will really come. Of course, the option of an on-site payment is also possible. That means you pay as usual your bill on the evening of the reservation.

Where can I buy a voucher?


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